Air Scrubbers – Improve Air Quality

What Are Air Scrubbers?

An Air Scrubber is an essential equipment used in the restoration process after a disaster or in an industrial area to remove harmful air particles. Air scrubbers are used to improve air quality and purify the air by removing airborne particles such as mould, debris, dust and pollen. They usually consist of filters and fans that pulls in the air full of harmful airborne particles and traps them in while releasing clean air out the opposite side of the air scrubber. Juvenate’s range of air scrubbers such as the AF 500 and Abatement Predator 750 can remove air particles that are invisible to the human eye (as minute as 0.3 microns).


Why Use An Air Scrubber?

They are used commonly in industrial worksites and has been used by Juvenaire for many years; providing restoration services for homes and properties affected by excessive air contaminants such as mould spores and soot.

Harmful substances may also build up over the course of many years and reach dangerous levels which can lead to health issues such as breathing problems, cancer and a myriad of other illnesses.

Buildings, workplaces and homes are vulnerable and susceptible to airborne contaminants. Air scrubbers can help eliminate pollutants from the air in a home environment such as dust mites, dead skin cells fine pet hairs. Older buildings may also be fitted in with asbestos that can be toxic when their minute fibers are inhaled. Thus it is recommended that professional cleaners and restorers such as Juvenaire are called in to ensure that these air pollutants are thoroughly removed from the air.


Air Scrubbers for Restoration and Cleaning Processes

Air scrubbers are used in conjunction with other products such as humidifiers (link to humidifiers on Juvenate) during the restoration or industrial cleaning process. Air Scrubbers can remove from the air:

  • Odours from chemical use, pets and cooking
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Mould spores and pollen
  • Dust particles

At Juvenate, we offer a wide variety of products for our customers so contact us on 1300 030 932 or email us at today for any enquiries.

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