Why is dehumidification important?

In Australia, we experience a lot of the sweaty humid weather. Even in air-conditioned homes, there can be a rise in humidity levels. This is not good, for many reasons. Apart from the lack of comfort, an increase of air moisture can lead to building and property damage that can have dramatic and ongoing health consequences for your family.


The causes of High Levels of Humidity

The recommended humidity level for indoor environments is between 40% and 50%, levels any higher than this are unhealthy and risky. Juvenate has established a short list of the issues that high humidity can cause to your home and your health:
– Mould and mildew growth
– Allergies and asthma
– Musty and mildew smells
– Condensation on the windows (poor ventilation)

The Benefits of Residential Dehumidification Systems

Fortunately, we can control the indoor humidity by lowering it through a reliable dehumidification system. With the health and environment concerns listed above, it is easy to understand the benefits controlling the indoor humidity levels. Common allergy triggers, such as mould and mildew thrive in an unreasonably humid environment. If you or family members suffer from allergies and asthma, high humidity can worsen these symptoms.


Dehumidifiers, Key Tools for Water Damage and Restoration Companies

When a property or a business experience flooding and important water damage, several equipment is required in order to dry the areas effectively and quickly. One of the most important and essential gear is the dehumidifier. It collects the condensed water and speeds up the drying process it removes moisture from the air to create a balanced drying system.

Juvenate supplies a unique line of dehumidifiers with different performance options. Our vast experience in the cleaning and restoration industry has helped us to understand the needs of the companies in terms of dehumidification. A good quality dehumidifier is essential for any professional cleaners. Our dehumidifiers are very easy to transport and are optimised for heavy-duty use.

We work closely with our customers, which allows us to offer products that meet their specific needs. We offer a large range of water restoration equipment such as air movers, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers and much more. We also provide mould and fire damage restoration products.

Do you need help choosing the best equipment for you? Don’t wait, contact our experts now!

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