Petrol Generators for Disaster Recovery

After a disaster such as a fire or a flood, electrical energy supply is usually cut off to buildings and homes. When property is damaged, it is often advisable not to connect devices to a power supply that may be in contact with water particles or damaged in the event of a disaster.

Petrol generators are great for locations that have been affected by a disaster. This ensures that electrical faults do not cause fire hazards. Machines and devices used during the restoration process may be required to be operational for a number of hours. Petrol generators ensure that in the event of a power supply failure, the machines and devices are kept running.

Petrol generators may be used at:

  • Remote job sites
  • In the event of a natural disaster
  • During the restoration process
  • In the event of power supply failure
  • Extra power supply during a lengthy restoration process
  • To avoid electrical faults/failure when machines require more energy

Juvenate sells petrol generators that are durable and are fitted with top of the line engines. Petrol generators are powerful and can run for quite a while with every fill of fuel; with some of the generators being fitted with low petrol warning systems to alert the operator.

During the restoration process, a continuous power supply is required to power machines such as air movers and dehumidifiers for a lengthened period of time. Petrol generators are perfect for locations that are remote or restoration sites that are at risk of electrical failures. Buy a high performance generator today from Juvenate, used by professional restorers and our very own sister company, Juvenaire.

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