FadeAway – Multi-Purpose 5L


A powerful all purpose surface cleaner that binds with dirt & residue, pushing it to the top, where it can easily be wiped away, scrubbed or extracted.

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Plus Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to acknowledge that over the past 30 years they have not changed a single thing about their products. Since the company’s inception, they have maintained a high level of commitment to the environment and equally if not more importantly in their mind to human health. Plus Manufacturing’s founder Ivan Day says: “soap free, odour free cleaning is not going anywhere; in fact, we have seen this concept changing the world.

We see thousands of schools, colleges, health care facilities and professionals, who stand with us in changing the way the world thinks about the soap free cleaning today”. He goes on to say: “one day the detergents will disappear in this industry. I still believe in the next three years that everyone will be soap free/detergent free, odour free and green”.

It effectively breaks down and removes grease, oil, soap, dirt, scum, mould/mildew residues from a variety of surfaces and materials such as wood, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, desk and counter tops, various types of ceiling and wall surfaces, plastic and more.

• Non-Toxic
• Odour Free
• Soap and Detergent Free
• Allergy and Asthma Approved
• Environmentally Friendly
• Effective and Safe