UV PRO 1100T36

Crystal Air ozone generators are second to none and are widely used for the easy elimination of odours such as pet odours, smoke, mould, fire, floods, proteins etc.… using nature’s own purifier ozone O3.



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Crystal Air have been designing and manufacturing the  highest quality, toughest, affordable line of ozone generator systems since 1993, used for residential, commercial, industrial, pest control odours, pet odours, building fire, and flood restoration, greenhouse applications etc. Utilising advanced corona discharge technology and advanced HO UV systems, Crystal Air ozone generators have proven to be highly dependable as well as versatile. Crystal Air products have always set the standard for quality, design, and output throughout the industry.

The UV Pro series ozone generators are designed for use as a high output shock treatment tool.


Generation Method – UV Ozone Technology 2 x 15” UV tube
UV Tube Life – 12-15 months
Supply Gas – Ambient Air
Ozone Output – 1100mg/hr virtually unaffected by humidity (unit will produce 1400mg/hr for first week)
Control Options – On/Off rocker switch, and one shot timer standard on all models
Dimensions/Weight – 25”L x 5”W x 6.25”H / 158mm H x 128mm W x 625mm L / 10lb
Electrical – 120 volt, 1.3Amp, 156 Watt, 50/60 Hz
Fan Size – 105 cfm
Construction – Stainless steel inner chassis with a high impact extruded PVC cabinet
Special Features – The UV PRO 1100T comes equipped with 4” ozone output and fresh air input spouts. These “spouts” will hook up to a drier vent hose or other 4” hose. This feature allows the installer the route clean dry air into the ozone generator or route the ozone to where it is needed.

UV Pro 1100 Manual: