Sprayfog – Ultra Low Volume Sprayer

A professional electric ULV/mist sprayer that utilises a powerful blower motor in a strong machine casing. 



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The SPRAYFOG Ultra-Low Volume sprayer allows for efficient dispersion of chemical agents for a variety of purposes. The adjustable nozzle ensures the effective and efficient use of the given chemical, while the ease of handling and maintenance makes for jobs done quickly and with very little down time.

• 6 vein spiral nozzle (adjustable for droplet size and dispersal rate)
• Mechanical pin tilt control for angled use (vertical option available)
• Pressure release for recording notes
• Optional dry-air hose for electric component protection


SPRAYFOG professional ULV/mist sprayer is an electric ULV (Ultra Low Volume) fine droplet sprayer  that utilizes a powerful blower motor in a very strong machine structure. Intended for applications of both oil-based (following necessary precautions) and water-based chemical treatment.

Made of high density, chemical resistant polyethylene
Brass fittings
Whiteboard for recording chemical usage
Precision needle valve with lockable settings
Mechanical pin tilt control
Delivers 0-30 litres per hour of formula

The applicator is useful for dispensing most chemicals which are labeled for aerosol or mist applications including:


In locations such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes, green houses, stables, warehouses homes and farm buildings. Machine output and particle size are dependent on the viscosity of the liquid being dispensed.


Motor: Samsung Motorized Blower
Input power: 1330 W
Power Supply: 220 – 240 Volts  AC 50/60 Hz
Tank Capacity: 6 Litres (1.5 US gallons)
Weight: 5 kg (without liquid)

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