Fire Kit

Fires can be big or small and if you are uninsured, this can be a very costly expense. Juvenate’s Fire Kit contains all the necessary equipment and chemicals required for you to clean up after a fire; at the fraction of the cost.




Fire damage can range from minor smoke damage to complete destruction of a building and its contents. For those affected, this is often entry into unfamiliar territory as many questions are raised after fires: What is the severity of the damage? How do I approach the clean-up? What results should I expect after a clean-up?

Insurance often plays a major role after a fire and insurance personnel usually take care of the restoration process. However, not everyone has ample insurance cover or in some instance, do not have insurance at all.

In the latter case, one can be out of pocket in expenses as the monetary value can reach the thousands.

This is why Juvenate is offering its FireKit for a cheap, quick and efficient DIY clean-up after a fire on your property.